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As a traditional Swiss company with more than 100 years of experience in the field of clamping technology, Schaublin offers a comprehensive program for tool and workpiece clamping.

In the machining center sector, current needs increasingly point to high-speed machining and continuously require higher levels of accuracy. At SCHAUBLIN, products have long been developed and manufactured for our customers' machining centers. The products are continuously improved through tests and examinations.

Rue de la Blancherie 9

CH-2800 Delémont
Tel. +41 324 211 300
Fax +41 324 211 301

Product Overview

Schaublin Produkte
General Catalog
  • Pull-type collets, external or internal thread
  • Dead lenght collets & feedfingers
  • Tool collets & clamping nuts
  • Collet holder DIN 2080 + various
  • Collet and tool holder DIN 69871
  • Collet and tool holder ISO-DIN-BT for high-speed machining "HSC"
  • Collet and cutter holder - HSK holders for high-speed machining "HSC"
  • Collet and tool holder with quick change system
SRS Clamping System

With this clamping system the concentricity of the collet can be adjusted in such a manner that a runout of less than 0.002 mm can be achieved at any position of the workpiece.

  •  Very precise and easily adjustable
  •  Easy maintenance
  •  Protected from dirt and shavings
  •  Applicable with most collets and a large variety of machines
SPR25 Quick-Change System

The SPR25 quick-change system from Schaublin is ideal for resharpening work when grinding tools, as several collet changes have to be carried out throughout the day.

  •  Manual or automatic change of the collet
  • 75% reduction of set up time(Click-System)
  • High runout repeatability
  • Clamping range Ø3mm to Ø21mm
Hydronut - High Performance Cooling

The newest solution by Schaublin to efficiently bring fluid to the cutting edge. The nut is equipped with nozzle, which accelerates and directs the coolant, creating a concentric and
stable flow.

  • No dispersion angle and higher flow concentration
  •  up to 2 x extended tool life
  • suitable for tools with through-coolant or standard outside
  •  for collet types D and EX



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