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Maurer Degaussing - More than Demagnetizing

Maurer Magnetic is the technology leader in the field of demagnetization.

The company, founded in 1923, today takes on a pioneering role in the alternating field demagnetization of ferromagnetic materials thanks to its proprietary, patented Maurer-Degaussing® technology. Located in Grüningen near Zurich in Switzerland, the company operates worldwide.

The extensive product range includes a wide range.

Maurer Magnetic offers the right solution for every application, from small handheld and table demagnetizers to standardized demagnetizing coils and customer-specific high-performance demagnetizing machines.

Magnetic field measuring devices specially developed to measure residual magnetism on ferromagnetic components complete the product portfolio.


Maurer Degaussing demagnetizers operate with pulse demagnetization. The component to be demagnetized is inserted into the demagnetizing device, usually a coil, and a demagnetizing pulse is generated by an power electronic. The workpiece is demagnetized by the alternating decreasing magnetic field. The very high magnetic field strength, the precision of the decreasing alternating field and the parameterizable demagnetizing frequency - these are the special features of the Maurer Degaussing demagnetizing technology. Thanks to them, results of the highest quality are achieved. Conventional demagnetizing systems consume apparent power that evaporates ineffectively. Maurer Degaussing machines compensate the apparent power and convert most of the energy into active power. As a result, they achieve a very high level of efficiency. Process relevant parameters such as field strength, frequency, cycle time are verified by means of preliminary tests and the demagnetizing machines designed and parameterized accordingly. Customers thus receive a demagnetizing solution that fully meets their individual requirements.

Industriestraße 8

CH-8627 Grüningen

Tel. +41 44 936 60 30

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Product Overview

Meter for measuring of residual magnetism
  • Measure residual magnetism precisely, quickly and reliably
  • Switchable units A / cm, Gauss and mT
  • Measuring DC and AC magnetic fields
  • Touch display with automatic value storage
  • Reproducible measurements with high accuracy

M-Test MK4
Universal handheld meter for magnetic fields
  • Measurement of magnetic flux density of permanent magnets and ferromagnetic workpieces
  • 1mm thick tangential probe
  • Two switchable units: kA / m and mT
  • Magnetic fields of +/- 1590 kA / m measurable
  • Very high measurement accuracy

  • Effective shielding of the earth's magnetic field
  • Robust industrial design
  • Reproducible results
  • Measurements of residual magnetism <4 A / cm
  • Different sizes available

Demagnetizing devices HE2
  • Mobile device
  • Removes surface magnetism quickly and safely
  • Field strength up to 320kA / m
  • Robust, industrial design
  • Economical

Joke type surface demagnetizer JE
  • Table demagnetizer with automatic swing-out function
  • Suitable for flat components
  • Can be automated
  • Different sizes
  • Up to 100% duty cycle possible

Loop demagnetizers CT
  • Simple tunnel demagnetizing coils
  • Continuous process
  • 50Hz mains frequency with 100% duty cycle
  • Economical
  • Different sizes available

Compact High-Precision-demagnetizer KE + DN
  • Portable tabletop device with high field strength
  • Pulse-demagnetizing technology
  • Particularly suitable for manual demagnetization
  • 230VAC operated
  • Best price-performance ratio

Industrial duty demagnetizer CT-U + DN
  • Pulse- or continuous process demagnetization
  • Different sizes
  • Tailored power untis to customer requirements
  • Short cycle times thanks to flexible parameterization
  • Simple and safe operation

Demagnetization prior to parts cleaning 
  • Systems with two coil modules and one power module
  • Adapted to common wash basket sizes
  • Minimization of particle adhesion to bulk material
  • Compact systems
  • Different sizes and performance levels

Rod and pipe demagnetizing device RE + DN
  • Special flow modules to demagnetize bars and tubes
  • Frequency is set to the drive-through speed
  • Pulse or continuous operation possible
  • Also suitable for continuous mass production
  • Different sizes

Customized industrial duty demagnetizer VE + DN
  • Customized coil modules
  • All parameters are tailored to the requirements
  • Demagnetizing of large parts
  • Widely used in the automotive industry
  • High process stability

High-Performance demagnetizer HLE + DM
  • Highest demagnetizing performance and precise control of the pulse
  • Large field strengths even with large coil openings
  • Mobile versions with demagnetizing cables
  • Universally applicable
  • Different classes available

MM DN Integration
Power module DN for cabinet integration
  • "Ready made" Integration
  • Set up on mounting plate
  • space saving
  • Allows coils type CT-U,  SE and VE 
  • no external cabinet necessary
System designed to compensate magnetic fields
  • Accurate compensation of magnetic fields
  • Improves results of demagnetization
  • Individual adjustment of parameters voltage, current and coil windings
  • Integrated interface for external release
  • Save buttons for different compensation settings



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