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Solutions - Services - High Precision Abrasive Machining

With locations in Germany, the USA, and China, Supfina Grieshaber is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and solution providers of systems for high-precision abrasive machining.

More than 200 qualified and highly specialized employees design and build machines and equipment for superfinishing, double-disk grinding, fine grinding, flat finishing, and edge preparation.  We also specialize in automation solutions.  

As a modern company, Supfina offers its customers integrated and innovative systems, including comprehensive services.

Schmelzegrün 7

D-77709 Wolfach

Tel. +49 7834 866-200

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Product Overview

Superfinishing Attachments
  • Tape- and stone-finishing attachments for mounting on carrier machines
  • Manual operation, optionally with programmable control units
  • Integration in CNC-processing machines possible
  • Dry and wet finishing
  • Spherical finishing attachments for flat or spherical surfaces





Supfina LeanCostMachine
  • Flexible superfinishing machine for small batches
  • Up to six attachments can be installed
  • Different workpiece-clamping systems
  • Portable or fixed control panel
  • Customized setup options


Supfina R-Cell
  • Flexible robot cell with component manipulation by robots
  • Finishing, deburring and brushing
  • Compact cell design
  • Ideal as a replacement for complex manual processes
  • Simple control concept

Supfina Spiro
  • Fine grinding with proven Supfina precision
  • High-performance operation
  • Reduced tool wear due to low-vibration machine concept
  • User-friendly, intuitive operation
  • High level of automation possible


Planet V
Supfina Planet V
  • Double-disk grinding, the new dimension!
  • Modern, compact design
  • For mass and precision flat components
  • Selective grinding methods
  • Flexible automation capability


Supfina Nano
  • Flat finishing with new perfection
  • Compact machine concept for machining flat and sealing surfaces
  • Use of conventional and super-abrasive tools
  • Mobile, flexible in-process measuring system
  • Universal loading and unloading


Supfina Face
  • Multi-stage vertical spindle assembly
  • Bridge design for maximum stability
  • Fast setup processes
  • Supfina IQ-Finish process control
  • High degree of automation


Supfina Speedfinish
  • Faster fine grinding
  • Higher material removal
  • Dry processing
  • Process reliability
  • High efficiency


Supfina Cenflex 1
  • Superfinishing of crankshafts, camshafts, transmission shafts, and balancer shafts
  • Up to 15 superfinishing units can be assembled
  • Automatic device adjustment
  • Also suitable for small series in prototype construction
  • Series production in flexible production lines


Supfina Cenflex 2
  • Superfinishing of crankshafts, camshafts, transmission shafts, and balancer shafts
  • Up to 23 superfinishing units can be assembled
  • Automatic device adjustment
  • Economical adaptation to new workpieces
  • Suitable for small series to large series production


Supfina Race
  • Superfinishing of ball bearings/roller bearings inner and outer rings
  • Multi-stage, automated operation
  • Stone and tape finishing can be combined
  • Modern controller with integrated technology memory
  • Minimal downtime


Supfina RaceFlex
  • Superfinishing of ball and roller bearings
  • Highly flexible raceway finishing machine
  • Four superfinishing units
  • Machining of inner and outer rings
  • High cost-benefit factor


Supfina MultiFlex
  • Superfinishing of steering and gear racks
  • Modular machine design
  • Up to two individually controlled superfinishing units
  • Short cycle times
  • High flexibility


Supfina MultiTool
  • Superfinishing of small shafts with stone and/or tape
  • Integrated crane hooks
  • Universal and compact
  • Highest tool lifetime
  • Alternative use of tape and/or stone


Supfina Retrofit
Retrofitting, upgrading and modernization
  • Retrofitting for adaptation to new machining tasks
  • Partial and general rebuilding
  • Automation and IoT retrofitting
  • Secured spare parts supply
  • Value enhancement through modernization



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