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Precision Parts for tool-, mold- and mechanical engineering

If you want more than just standard products in terms of standard parts, Agathon is the right place for you. The name Agathon comes from ancient Greek and means «the good». This promise results in exceptionally good products «made in Switzerland» of the best material quality, high surface quality, extremely close tolerances and a long lifespan. When you choose Agathon standard parts, you choose to be able to work with maximum productivity and efficiency.


Backlash-free, rolling guide and centering systems are at the heart of the product portfolio. These systems enable highly innovative punching and forming tool concepts, for example for variant production. This applies in particular to the Mini Fine Centering system, the latest Agathon development that has conquered the market since 2018.

The patented staking and the special shape of the pocket ensure the exact play and the perfect hold of the rolling elements in the cages of Agathon guiding and centering systems.


If machine construction is your area of expertise, you will also benefit from our rolling pillar guide and centering systems. With a precise preload, they are backlash-free and almost indestructible. Due to the tribological advantages of rolling guides over sliding guides, the efficiency of demanding applications can be significantly increased. Agathon also offers these products as special designs up to approx. ⌀ 140 mm – including slide guides.


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Product Overview

Agathon - Leader in punching tool construction
  • Design according to ISO/DIN standards
  • Rolling guides with absolutely backlash-free motion
  • Ball and roller cages
  • Slide guide bushes
  • Die sets


Guiding System Plus - guiding and centering in one
  • Standardized main guide for mold making
  • Rolling, play-free with roller guides instead of sliding
  • High precision and durability
  • Can be implemented to common tool assemblies thanks to the flexible collar
  • Increase in productivity through better use of the tool surface
Agathon - For the mold construction
  • Rolling guides for 24/7 production
  • High load capacity with ball or roller guides as required
  • Cage retainer systems
  • Backlash-free guiding of several plates
  • Customer-specific solutions


Agathon Mini-Fine Centering
  • Positioning with new ease and precision
  • Enables fast changeover times during variant injection molding
  • Positioning of gripper tools
  • Small space requirement
  • Exact, backlash-free and repetitively positioned
Agathon Fine Centering Plus - For the mold construction
  • Patented centering systems for the mold construction industry
  • High initial load capacity and precision
  • Maximum design freedom of the tool
  • Can be used in cleanrooms
  • Customer-specific solutions for turning tools




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